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Friday, November 15, 2019
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President Trump To end this ridiculous subject of impeachment, there are only two solutions: You can either extend the hand of friendship towards the IRGC terrorists, and accept the JCPA, Or, strengthen the world's patriots to fight radicals & globalists! There is no third way! President Trump Act like Russians! Strengthen the patriots of one country to take over their country from the globalists &...
RESTART LEADER: A few months before the fake Turkish coup in 2016, Erdogan's agent called me to set up a big TV network. I told him, "I know everything, you're afraid that I reveal the truth. Tell Erdogan,the one who is going to take down your Ottoman Empire is me. Wait for the Cyrus Empire"
Distorted slogan of Restart by Mehdi Torabi in football Everyone knows that this is the slogan of Restartees ... " Restart is the only way to survive " And the Iranian terrorist regime turned this slogan into something you see in the movie! The main enemy of the regime and the fear of the regime in this film is quite evident .. They...
President Trump: Although I did not want to fight, we must prepare for war with Iran. If we have to, we will attack Iran. We are ready for war if it's necessary. We definitely hit Iran so hard that they can never imagine it
If you read the text, you'll understand everything! Our telegram was heavily attacked and will be under attack again! Everything we put on the telegram about Reza Pahlavi, Farah pahlavi and the MEK ... has become "zero" viewers and listeners! ..
A video of the representative of Iran’s terrorist regime at the United Nations Security Council that was omitted from the full video by all the media in the world! Surprisingly, here’s the UN Security Council! This part of the speech by Iran’s representative in the UN Security Council was omitted by all the media in the world, in a united act...
  Mr Josh. Restartees are not just help their country But also help people around the world. The unification of American patriots and Restartees started to frighten the Iranian regime and other fake oppositions. Other political groups have reportedly been hand in hand with the Iranian terrorist regime with reports and attacks on the virtual pages of Reatartees. Indeed, after two years they still failed...
Brian Hook: Iranians must return to Persia and their great honors such as Cyrus the Great, Rumi, Saadi and Hafiz, Kharazmi, Abu Ali Sina, ... we will help the Iranian people to have decent and patriotic leaders like Cyrus. . . Brian Hook: The Islamic Republic comes from the corrupt, by the corrupt and for the corrupt https://youtu.be/JgpYo7juv-U
President Trump : We need to launch a new media to deliver real and true news to the people of America, Iran and the world! Voice of America and Radio Tomorrow blew our $ 5 million in favor of globalists and radicals! Brian Hook and Mike Pompeo had previously described Reza Pahlavi and the MEK as globalists and radicalists. President Trump: The voice...
For sure, instagram directors will be summoned to the court in Persia, after the regime change, for assisting a terrorist regime & shutting down thousands of patriot voices. We have just started the war! https://youtu.be/4hYyb8z0a5E tweet Link:  https://twitter.com/restartleader/status/1180926127361032192?s=21