President Trump: VOA & Radio Farda are traitors


President Trump :
We need to launch a new media to deliver real and true news to the people of America, Iran and the world!
Voice of America and Radio Tomorrow blew our $ 5 million in favor of globalists and radicals!
Brian Hook and Mike Pompeo had previously described Reza Pahlavi and the MEK as globalists and radicalists.
President Trump: The voice of patriots is censored.

President Trump reiterated and reaffirmed Restart Leader words.
Voice of America and Radio_Farda are traitors »

President Trump has also publicly criticized the performance of Voice of America and Radio Free Europe ( Radio farda Authority) for severely criticizing CNN’s performance in destroying the international image of the United States.

President Donald Trump said in a speech that Radio Free Europe and Voice of America were intended to help boost America’s image in the world, but they do the opposite.



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