The biggest censorship in the world!


This is the evidence that Telegram banned “showman1” the main channel of Restart opposition. It admits that it had 100k+ followers. Then, the total number of followers of other oppositions was not even 50k; and , the founder of had just 84k followers at that time

Closing tens of thousands of Restartee accounts was ordered directly by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram executives so that we would not be known globally! The biggest censorship in the world was the censorship of the We have thousands of documents!

The most honest media was , who blocked one of our accounts only, and apologised for doing that. And the worst of the media was ; not only did they not apologize, they also closed thousands of our pages and assisted the IRGC and the regime.

For sure, directors will be summoned to the court in Persia, after the regime change, for assisting a terrorist regime & shutting down thousands of patriot voices. We have just started the war!


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